French Bulldog Rescue

Surrender a French Bulldog to Eastern Canada French Bulldog Rescue

We understand that there are numerous reasons why a French Bulldog might end up in need of rescue or re homing. We provide non judgmental support for owners who are unable to keep their French Bulldogs, or their French Bulldog mixes.

We also work with shelters, pounds, animal control and private rescues to provide foster homes and care for French Bulldogs or French Bulldog mixes in your facility or rescue system.

If this an emergency, and you know of a French Bulldog or French Bulldog mix within Eastern Canada who is in need of rescue or assistance, please contact us by phone or email –

Carol Gravestock
Phone 519-369-2732

Breeder Retiree Placement Service Via Eastern Canada French Bulldog Club Rescue

We also provide placement services for breeders seeking retirement homes for their adult dogs.

We will work with you to find the most appropriate home for your dog, and will allow you to screen all applicants personally.

To arrange a placement for your retired dog, please complete this form. We will be in touch with you as soon as we’ve had a chance to review it.

Volunteering with Eastern Canada French Bulldog Rescue

If you reside within Eastern Canada (Ontario, Quebec or the Maritime Provinces) and are willing to volunteer with rescue, please contact us. Volunteers can do anything from fostering dogs to fund raising to answering inquiries. All you need is the willingness to volunteer your time, and a love of French Bulldogs.

Fill out our Volunteer Application Form

Adopting From ECFBC French Bulldog Rescue

There are numerous reasons why a French Bulldog might end up in need of rescue or re homing. Not all dogs placed via rescue are abused, or have behavioural issues, but it is true that there are very few puppies ever available for adoption via rescue.

Some dogs are available as ‘breeder placements’ – dogs that responsible breeders have chosen to place into loving, lifetime retirement homes. Dogs being placed as such will have this noted on their profiles, and placement will generally be done directly through the breeder.

Choosing to adopt a rescue French Bulldog instead of purchasing a puppy can pay off in years of happiness, love and companionship. An adult French Bulldog has already experienced and (usually) surpassed the woes of house breaking and furniture chewing. In particular, choosing to adopt a senior French Bulldog can be one of the most rewarding animal/human bonds you will ever experience.

Because we in Canada are fortunate to have very few dogs in need of rescue, we do NOT keep adoption applications on file. Each dog available will have a link to an application form, which you must complete in its entirety to be considered as an adoptive home.

To be kept apprised of dogs currently available from ECFBC rescue, or of other rescue news, please join our mailing list. Updates about foster dogs, rescue news and shows and special events will all be announced on this low volume, announcement only mailing list.

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